White Papers

IFS Delivers Efficiency to Three Gorges

The world’s largest hydroelectric facility – Three Gorges Dam -- operates with less than a tenth of the anticipated staffing level – thanks to IFS Applications. What efficiencies ...

PAS 55 for Electric Utilities

PAS 55 compliance is a priority for electric generation utilities. How can you use enterprise software technology to achieve the management techniques in this specification?

Software Usability in Electric Power

ERP/EAM usability is a challenge for the electric energy industry according to a study conducted for IFS North America. This paper outlines study results and offers advice for selecting ERP and EAM...

Renewable Power - Talking About Your Generation

Renewable power companies and their suppliers worldwide use IFS Applications for enterprise resource planning and enterprise asset management. Should you?

Utility Streamlines With IFS

Statnett achieves operational excellence in maintenance, HR and materials management with IFS Applications enterprise resource planning and enterprise asset management.

New Technology Enables a Chip Scale Atomic Clock

This paper examines the technology, product features, performance specifications and several example applications of the Symmetricom CSAC SA.45s — the world’s first Chip Scale Atomic Cl...

Product Development and Test Program For Aggressive Gas Engines

   Engine designs, operating conditions, and environmental factors place increasingly higher demands on lubricants for all gas engines, but even more so those operating on the aggres...