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    Shale plays first come to mind when one considers unconventional resources. These unconventional resource plays may yield natural gas, gas condensates, and crude oil. Some of the more noteworthy shale plays in North America include the Bakken, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Fayetteville, Woodford, Niobrara, Haynesville, Horn River, and Utica formations. Tight gas, coalbed methane, oil sands, and heavy oil are non-shale unconventional resources.


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    Utica Shale

    Utica Shale Description ImageThe Utica shale formation is one of the newest natural gas discoveries in North America. It is located in New York state and the Canadian province of Quebec, along the St. Lawrence River Valley. Some geologists have suggested the gas-bearing formation extends as far south as Pennsylvania. The other major shale formation in this area is the better-known Marcellus shale.

    Estimates of natural gas deposits in the formation range from a low of about 2 trillion cubic feet (tcf) to a high of 60 to 70 tcf. At this time, most companies active in the Utica shale are drilling exploratory wells on the Canadian side of the border because the state of New York has been reluctant to grant drilling permits to date. Some production rates have tested up to 1 million cubic feet per day.

    Utica Shale Map

    Utica Shale News

    Blue Racer Midstream secures $800M credit facility

    Aug 22, 2013

    Blue Racer Midstream LLC has secured a five-year, $800 million credit facility, which can be expanded to $1 billion in the future.

    Prometheus signs LNG supply, services agreement with Antero in Marcellus, Utica

    Aug 20, 2013

    Prometheus Energy Group Inc., a supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the oil and gas, mine haul, process industry and remote power generation sectors, has signed an agreement to supply Antero Resources' LNG requirements to power a significant portion of its natural gas fueled drilling rigs in the Marcellus and Utica shales over a multi-year period.

    EV Energy Partners to sell Utica shale acres

    Aug 12, 2013

    EV Energy Partners LP reports that it, along with certain institutional partnerships managed by EnerVest Ltd., has signed an agreement to divest certain acreage in Ohio's Utica shale play for $284.3 million to an undisclosed buyer. 

    Early stage Utica Shale play busy building infrastructure

    Aug 5, 2013

    The Utica shale formation is larger than the Marcellus shale and runs beneath the Marcellus for the most part.

    Utica East Ohio facilities begin sales July 28

    Jul 30, 2013

    M3 Midstream LLC President and CEO Frank Tsuru reports that, as of July 28, the first phase of the Utica East Ohio Midstream LLC project is in service, receiving rich Utica Shale production, processing natural gas liquids, and redelivering residue gas to interstate markets.

    Upstream News

    Jul 11, 2013

    Canadian shale update

    Jul 11, 2013

    Compared to its neighbor to the south, Canada is in the early stages of developing its unconventional resources, especially tight oil. For Canadian producers, this means that a large portion of that nation's production potential has yet to be unlocked.

    Magnum Hunter spuds on 18-well pad in eastern Ohio

    Jul 2, 2013

    Houston-based Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. has spudded the first well on its Stalder pad in eastern Monroe County, Ohio.

    Rex Energy announces results of recent Ohio Utica shale wells and provides operational update

    Jun 25, 2013

    Rex Energy Corp. has announced the results of its recent Ohio Utica shale wells and provided an update on its operations.

    Williams' board approves company's Bluegrass Pipeline project

    Jun 25, 2013

    Williams' (NYSE:WMB) board of directors has voted to approve the company's Bluegrass Pipeline project.

    Crosstex activates Black Run Rail Terminal facilities to export Utica Shale production

    Jun 25, 2013

    Crosstex Energy LP (NASDAQ:XTEX) has re-activated its Black Run rail loading terminal located in Frazeysburg, Ohio, on the Ohio Central Railroad (OHCR) allowing the export of Utica Shale light oil condensate production.

    Chesapeake, foreign partners set for big US shale spend in 2013

    Jun 17, 2013

    Analyzing Evaluate Energy’s recently released 2013 capital expenditure and average well cost data for the major US shale plays, it becomes clear that foreign companies will have a huge influence on how the industry develops over the coming year.

    Utica oil or bust? A wet gas play with plenty of condensate

    May 21, 2013

    Last Thursday (May 16, 2013) the Ohio Department of Natural Resources offered a rare glimpse into 2012 production in the Utica shale. In a long awaited report, the State said that 87 wells drilled by 11 companies produced about 1750 b/d of oil and 35 MMcf/d of gas. Those numbers disappointed investors hoping for evidence of another Bakken or Eagle Ford. But the State data does not tell the whole story. There should be a surge in production now that infrastructure is coming online. And significant condensate production will present new challenges for midstreamers. Today we take a closer look at Utica production.

    New NGL hub for Utica and Marcellus

    Apr 1, 2013

    The Utica shale formation spans an area from Ohio to Pennsylvania, into New York, across the Canadian border, and into two Great Lakes (Erie and Ontario).

    MarkWest Utica EMG, PDC Energy agree on Utica Shale developments

    Mar 19, 2013

    MarkWest Utica EMG LLC, a joint venture between MarkWest Energy Partners LP and The Energy and Minerals Group, has agreed with PDC Energy Inc. to provide gathering, processing, fractionation, and marketing services in the Utica Shale.

    ConocoPhillips CEO on shale boom: We've only scratched the surface

    Technology innovation has expanded the world’s energy resource base and the oil and gas industry will continue to working to supply that growth, said ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) chairman and CEO Ryan Lance.

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    US tight oil production averaged 3.22 day MMbbl/d in 4Q13, according to US EIA estimates. This level was enough to push overall crude oil production in the US to an average of 7.84 MMbbl/d, more than 10% of total world production, up from 9% in the fourth quarter of 2012. Read more here

    Can the shale gas rBart Willigers, Palantir Solutions Ltd. evolution currently taking place in the US be repeated elsewhere? Although significant volumes of unconventional gas deposits are present in Poland, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey, and the UK, shale gas developments are running many years behind their counterparts in the US. Skeptics have pointed out that differences in geology, taxes, public acceptance, environmental regulations and other factors in Europe vs. the US make for a tougher environment in which to develop unconventional resources. 

    Read the article by Bart J. A. Willigers of Palantir Solutions Ltd. here

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