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Shale plays first come to mind when one considers unconventional resources. These unconventional resource plays may yield natural gas, gas condensates, and crude oil. Some of the more noteworthy shale plays in North America include the Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, Woodford, Bakken, Niobrara, Horn River, and Utica formations. Tight gas, coalbed methane, oil sands, and heavy oil are non-shale unconventional resources.


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Other Unconventional

Other Unconventional Description ImageIn addition to the well-known gas shale plays like the Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus, and Eagle Ford, and oil plays like the Bakken, there are perhaps dozens of smaller, less well-known resource plays, many of which are in the very early stages of exploration and development. Some of the plays are shale and others are tight gas or coalbed methane. Many are in the United States and Canada, but increasingly exploration and production companies are using modern drilling and production technology to develop natural gas and oil from unconventional subsurface formations in Europe and Asia. Doubtless, unconventional resources eventually will be exploited in Africa, South America, and Australia as well. What we call “unconventional” today will be considered “conventional” in time.

Other Unconventional News

Deloitte: Oil, gas industry seeing financing transformations

Nov 13, 2012

The oil and gas industry is experiencing some transformations in obtaining financing with private equity firms while a steel manufacturer recently took a working interest in Piceance basin natural gas drilling, a spokeswoman with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. LP told the Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference.

Shareholder letter calls for shake up in SandRidge management

Nov 8, 2012

SandRidge Energy’s sixth largest shareholder, TPG-Axon Capital, sent a letter to the SandRidge board of directors requesting a shakeup in management in order to unlock shareholder value, said Stifel Nicolaus analysts in a note to investors today.

Legacy Reserves acquires Permian Basin assets from Concho for $520M

Nov 7, 2012

Legacy Reserves LP has entered into an agreement to purchase Permian Basin oil and natural gas properties from Concho Resources Inc. for $520 million in cash.

ZaZa Energy provides update on Eaglebine and Eagle Ford operations

Nov 6, 2012

On Nov. 6, Houston-based ZaZa Energy Corporation [NASDAQ: ZAZA] issued comprehensive drilling updates on operations in its core Eaglebine and Eagle Ford properties.

Kinda spooky revisited: Natural gas rig count, production and productivity

Oct 31, 2012

On Monday as record setting Hurricane Sandy was plowing into the East Coast, another record was quietly being broken. That record was all time US natural gas production. According to Bentek numbers it increased to 64.9 Bcf/d (total natural gas production less NGLs and other shrinkage, lower 48 states).

Will high NGL production volumes negatively impact shale development?

Oct 30, 2012

As a result of higher crude oil prices, oil and gas producers in the US are targeting liquids-rich areas, which in turn, influences production of NGLs. Relatively high prices for NGLs have kept many wet gas wells profitable despite low gas prices. Is there an oversupply of NGLs? Are we facing a glut and in turn, depressed prices?

ANGA-API study shows methane emissions 53 percent below EPA estimates

Oct 25, 2012

An updated survey by URS prepared for America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) has found further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas production.


Chesapeake Energy closes Permian Basin asset sales

Oct 22, 2012

Chesapeake Energy Corp. has completed the sale of its previously announced asset packages in the Permian Basin.

CLNG launches effort to highlight benefits of selling LNG

Oct 22, 2012

The Center for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG) has launched a new initiative and dedicated website focused on America’s opportunity to sell liquefied natural gas (LNG).

BP awards Colorado State $5 million research grant

Oct 18, 2012

Colorado State University has obtained a $5 million grant from BP covering five years to study mechanisms involved with technology for oil recovery.

AusTex Oil to raise up to A$12.5M to fund Mississippi Lime development

Oct 17, 2012

Oil and gas producer AusTex Oil Ltd. has plans to raise up to A$12.5 million in an equity capital raise which will fund the appraisal and development of the company's acreage in the light oil portion of the Mississippi Lime Play.

ExxonMobil adds to North American shale portfolio with Celtic Exploration acquisition

Oct 17, 2012

ExxonMobil will add to its liquids-rich North American unconventional portfolio as an affiliate of ExxonMobil Canada acquires Celtic Exploration Ltd.

Senergy, Apache to provide oil gas industry with geosteering software

Oct 9, 2012

Senergy and Apache Corp. have entered a partnership to provide the oil and gas industry with previously proprietary geosteering and other software aimed at improving the evaluation and productivity of unconventional resource developments.

How shale tilts the scale

Oct 1, 2012

Until recently, North America depended on imports of natural gas from other regions to meet its demands.

Dealing with regulatory risk

Oct 1, 2012

Political risk is a factor that energy companies everywhere have to take into account in their business strategy.

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