2008 Energy Trading & Risk Management

High commodity prices have made the energy industry as dynamic as it has been in some time, and the energy trading and risk management sector is no exception.  Competition is fierce among energy traders, software vendors, and business and IT consulting companies.

2008 Supplements

New ETRM Technology Aids Market Participants

Sep 19, 2011

Energy markets have undergone fundamental and structural changes the past few years. As a result, market participants have had to adapt both their trading strategies and the way they look at risk management, which has also caused a review of the software systems that support these activities.

Moderate temperatures forecast for Europe through March

Dec 20, 2008

Weather Services International (WSI) expects higher-than-normal for the approaching period (January-March 2011) across most of Europe, with lower-than-normal temperatures in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Nordic regions (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark). The warmest seasonal temperatures will be in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Italy, and Greece.

The Only Real-Time, Straight-Through Processing, Multi-Commodity Solution

Oct 16, 2008 Commodity XLTM is Triple Point's flagship solution and is the only commodity trading and risk management system that works across multiple commodities, in real- time from front-to-back office. It is an integrated solution that profitably manages the complex, ever-changing requirements of physical and financial markets.

Auditability of Trade Process Controls

Oct 16, 2008 Electronic energy trading is a revolutionary paradigm. Never before has there been so much potential for electronic connectivity between trading counterparties. As a result, traders, hedge funds, banks, brokers, and exchanges are moving into the field of electronic trading at an increasing rate as evidenced by the trade volume statistics that are announced and seemingly eclipsed each month.

A Recognized Leader in Consulting and Software for Today's Demanding Energy Markets

Oct 16, 2008 The Structure Group has been an integral part of restructuring energy markets. We have helped launch many of the energy markets we serve today with consulting, software and services. The considerable knowledge and experience we have demonstrated along the way is unparalleled in the industry and has enabled us to off er the skill and agility to help our clients proactively respond to continually evolving markets.

Transparency and Transactional Fidelity

Oct 16, 2008 To achieve success and maintain competitive advantages, energy companies must make informed decisions regarding the management of risk exposure and business unit performance. They will be judged on the caliber of their actions to ensure commercial excellence in the face of volatile energy markets, performance management issues, and rigorous accountability measures.

The E&P Risk Management Conundrum

Oct 16, 2008 The exploration and production industry is slowly moving toward the realization that they need information technology systems to do more than assist them with drilling holes or transporting oil and gas. IT has facilitated operations, but it has not been viewed as an all-important decision-informing system for their financial transactions.

Thriving in Volatile Markets

Oct 15, 2008 Complexity and volatility have long been energy industry facts of life. Volatility can take many forms: price instability, business deregulation, tightening environmental regulations, the need to enter new markets or dealing with traditional markets suddenly shifting. These market realities place increasing demands on energy companies to remain nimble. At the same time, volatility off ers signifi cant opportunity to organizations that can readily adapt and manage change.

OpenLink's cMotion Revolutionizes the Integrated Energy Marketplace

Oct 15, 2008 Seamlessly integrated within OpenLink's industry-leading Endur framework, OpenLink's cMotion is a new software module designed as a comprehensive logistics solution for crude oil, refi ned products, coal, LNG, and soft commodities. cMotion complements OpenLink's existing logistics applications: gMotion for natural gas, and pMotion for electric power.

Mining for Modern-Day Gold – Risk Management Best Practices

Oct 15, 2008 Accounting rule changes, Sarbanes-Oxley and volatile energy commodity prices have forced oil and gas companies to seek better risk management programs. Now more than ever, assessing credit risks, quantifying cash flow-at-risk and building "what-if" scenarios are increasingly important to the industry. Ignore them and suffer.

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