Free webinar Feb 27 on using APG to power drilling rigs in the Bakken shale

The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota, in partnership with the North Dakota Pipeline Authority and the North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC), will hold a free webinar entitled “Utilization of Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) to Power Drilling Rigs -- A Demonstration in the Bakken,” on Wednesday, Feb. 27, beginning at 10 am CST.

The EERC, in partnership with the NDIC Oil and Gas Research Council (OGRC), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Continental Resources, and several other major corporate partners in the oil and gas sector, recently completed a project to demonstrate and evaluate utilization of APG for fueling diesel engines used to power drilling rigs in North Dakota.

The results of the 47-day demonstration illustrate that utilizing wellhead gas (sometimes called flare gas) in bifuel applications to power a drilling rig results in an overall decrease in diesel fuel use, fuel cost, truck transport of liquid fuel, and emissions without adversely impacting drilling operations. The webinar will detail the results of the project.

“Results show a fuel-related cost savings of nearly $60,000 over the 47-day period (or more than $1200 a day) because of the lower value of APG relative to diesel and a reduction in overall air emissions, compared to a diesel-only engine,” said John Harju, EERC associate director for research. “If implemented broadly across the Williston basin, bifuel operation of nearly 200 drilling rigs using flared gas could also result in significant diesel fuel savings, a reduction in fuel delivery expenses, and up to a 68% reduction in overall emissions as compared to a combination of strictly diesel powered engines and gas flaring.”

Webinar presenters include Harju and Chad Wocken, senior research manager at the EERC. Harju oversees a team of scientists and engineers focused on research, development, demonstration, and commercialization activities at the EERC, including the Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership and the Oil and Gas Group. Wocken leads projects related to the development of renewable fuels, alternative energy, hydrogen production, and energy systems integration.

To attend the webinar, visit, click on “Gas Powered Rig Demo,” and follow the registration instructions.

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