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Private company update

Independent Research Firm IHS has provided OGFJ with updated production data for our periodic ranking of US-based private E&P companies. The rankings are base...

GOM consolidation, Canadian revival mark recent upstream M&A activity

The Period from February 17 through March 16, 2014 saw 42 upstream transactions in the US, totaling $4.5 billion, with Energy XXI's $2.3 billion acquisition of EP...

The back office moves to the forefront of the oil and gas business

Energy companies have always been eager to embrace technologies that increase productivity and cut costs in the field but are not so fast to do the same at headqu...

Reserve based finance

This is the fourth and final article in the four-part series examining the evolution, practices and future of the reserve based finance markets in the US and inte...

Intervale targets oilfield services

Interview with Charles Cherington, Managing Partner, Intervale Capital

Financial challenges in decommissioning

Deepwater spend forecast to surge from 2016

Deepwater capital expenditure (Capex) is expected to increase by 130%, compared to the preceding five-year period, totaling $260 billion from 2014 to 2018. Africa...

Transforming Transocean

Interview with Steven L. Newman, President and CEO, Transocean LTD.